The Wolf of the Prophecy

Every mistake has its ramifications.


Divina's rejection leaves Aric’s wolf battling insanity. With their bond new and incomplete, Aric seeks the help of his pack to find her and convince her to give their mating a chance.  If he can’t the pain will become too  much for both of them.


Rori, pursuing his love, has to figure out how he can give up the throne and convince her that this time he won’t leave her. When Divina calls him and asks him for help, this is his opportunity to mend the fences and fix all that he’s broken between them.


All the while, Divina is tired of the prophecy. Time is what’s needed. Space away from the two overbearing men claiming her. She needs to figure out who she is, and what that means.

In her angst, she does the unthinkable, a human has witnessed her using magic and filmed it.


Together, they must put the past aside and figure out how to mitigate the exposure of supernatural kind to all humans. If they don’t Divina will have to answer for her mistake, which could mean her death or worse.


It was just one spell, one spell that could mean the end of all supernatural kind.


Fast-paced, steamy and intense... I loved Alric. Felt for Divina. Rori just may destroy to go get what he wants. Can't wait for the next book. - Amazon Reviewer

This is book number two in this wonderful series that I just can not get enough of. I highly recommend this story... - Amazon Reviewer

Can't wait for the next book. - Amazon Reviewer

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