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The Wolf of the Prophecy

Every mistake has its consequences.

Rejection leaves Aric, and his wolf, battling insanity. The incomplete bond with his mate brings him to his pack seeking help to find her. He needs to convince her to give it a chance. If he can’t, the pain will become too much for both of them.


Then the unthinkable happens. With her life at stake, he’s forced to work with her vampire ex-boyfriend to mitigate her exposure to humans. If humans find out about magic, and magical creatures, there’s no telling what will happen.  


It was just one spell, but it would mean the end of the world as they know it. Delve into this magical world today.


Fast-paced, steamy and intense... I loved Alric. Felt for Divina. Rori just may destroy to go get what he wants. Can't wait for the next book. - Annie - Amazon Reviewer

This is book number two in this wonderful series that I just can not get enough of. I highly recommend this story... - Scarolet - Amazon Reviewer

Can't wait for the next book. - Della - Amazon Reviewer

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