The Witch of the Prophecy

Having a choice and having a good choice are two very different things…


The players of the prophecy are all in place. The vampire, the werewolf, and the witch. The fate of all paranormal beings hangs in the balance.


Too bad Divina, the witch in question, wants nothing to do with any of it. 


She’s not about to let some ancient prophecy dictate who she’s going to love. She’ll be the master of her own destiny, thank you very much.


But the intense connection she feels to each of her sexy prophecy counterparts is making it difficult to avoid potential magical disaster.


And as everything continues to get more and more complicated, she’s starting to wonder—is she really the witch of the prophecy? Or is she something else entirely?


The Witch of the Prophecy, book 1 in THE PROPHECY TRILOGY, features a strong heroine, an angsty love triangle, and plenty of spicy, supernatural goodness. Download today and let the exciting journey begin!


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"...The Witch of the Prophecy is the first book in the series. It lays the plot down well and left me wanting more. Not sure how I feel about Rori at this moment, but I am kind of Team Aric. I want him to woo his mate." - Jennifer Hines (Hines and Bigham's Literary Tryst) (Amazon Review)




"This is one of those stories where I was so immersed, I was taken by surprise by the end of book. My thoughts were: “What? No! There has to be more! I need to know what happens!” " - Eugénie Gendron (Goodreads Review)




"Sexy and enthralling, this is a paranormal romance author you need in your life!" - Kate (Amazon Review)

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