The Vampire of the Prophecy

He’s spent enough time trying to right what wasn’t wrong.


Rori made the choice. Power over love. He will take the throne and be the emperor of vampires. At least, that’s his plan until someone ups the ante.


The threat is clear: back out or risk exposure to humans.


If the Council of Others finds out what they’ve done to protect Divina, it’ll mean the demise of all of them. However, it’s not just her secret that could get out. Witches, shifters, and vampires could be exposed. It’s up to him and his loyal guard to protect them.


Time is running out.


The new ruler of the vampires will be crowned upon the new moon and Rori suspects it’s one of the other contenders for his throne behind the threat.


On his quest to preserve life as they know it and follow his destiny, Rori gets a second chance. If they survive he could have it all: power, prestige, and love.


There’s only one throne. Find out who gets it all.

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