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Mooky: Odin's Fury Motorcycle Club

Not all love stories start with tattoos and motorcycles…

Blue's life is right on course. Now that she's gotten involved with the Odin's Fury Motorcycle Club, not only has she made great friends, but she's fallen head over heels for the club's enforcer, Mooky. Yeah, she's his woman, but as his apprentice, she's also within arm's reach of her dream job—becoming a tattoo artist.

Dream man, dream job, all on the way to her dream life. 

Until everything shatters.

Mooky should've come clean sooner. He thought he could settle it before Blue found out. Now, it's too late. The truth could expose the club business, or worse, it could cost him Blue.  

Cutting ties with Mooky would cost her the life that she's only just found—that she doesn't want to lose. But staying makes Blue question the very person she is—or she thought she was.

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