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Jacob: Odin's Fury Motorcycle Club

Memories aren’t enough.

As the son of Odin's Fury Motorcycle Club's VP, Jacob "Romeo" Karolsson has a lot to live up to. Going to Ohio for club business is his opportunity to prove himself. If he does it right, he can also use it as his second chance with Sparrow Malone, the one that got away seven years ago.

But Sparrow has goals and a life of her own. As the daughter of a fallen biker, she knows a woman’s place in an MC all too well. It’s her place within the club she’s not sure about. Then Jacob rides back into town and steals her self-control, her decency, and her morals.

Amid lollipops, love letters, and a serenade, their undeniable connection draws them to each other. But their club obligations may keep them apart. In a world where loyalty is everything, they have to decide where theirs lie and what is worth sacrificing.

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