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Blue: Odin's Fury Motorcycle Club

To do:
1. Find a mentor
2. Get a new job
3. Figure out how to stop loving him…

Blue needs a new life. Despite all her hard work, she has to leave the tattoo shop and Odin's Fury Motorcycle Club. They were never hers to begin with.

And neither was Mooky.

Mooky has a plan to get his life in order and win Blue back. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There has to be.

Turns out, that light is from a cop car. Their bad situation surpassed Tragic and landed firmly in Abysmal. Otherwise known as jail.

But with trouble mounting, prison is the least of Mooky and Blue’s worries. The Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club are getting impatient with the heat Mooky has brought to their table and may have to take matters into their bloody hands.

Can Mooky put an end to the chaos and to the police pressure on the club? Or will he and Blue find themselves at the doorstep of Náströnd?

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