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Meet Me in New Jersey

2pm - 6pm


Where: Garden State Distillery


Hosted by: Garden State Distillery


Come and meet three of New Jersey's finest romance authors and enjoy delicious spirits. International Best Seller C.D. Gorri, Rebecca Hefner (also writing as Ayla Asher), and Victoria Jayne will be signing books at Garden State Distillery.

Come for the books, stay for the cocktails. It's an ideal early evening out.

Book 1


Having a choice and having a good choice are two very different things…

Book 2

The Wolf of the Prophecy eBook.jpg

Mistakes were made. Now it’s time to pay the price.

Book 3

The Vampire of the Prophecy eBook.jpg

A choice was made. Now it’s time to reap the rewards…or suffer the consequences…

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Meet Me in Old Salem

11am to 6pm


Boston Marriot Peabody Hotel


Hosted by: Virginia Johnson


Sponsored By: Anytime Author Promotions

Join 200 amazing authors in one place at the same time!!

VIP ticket holders will get a VIP tote bag and early access.

VIP will have priority access over GA attendance no matter the time!

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Meet Me in New York

Oct 13 - Oct 16


Where: Staten Island, NY (Hilton Garden Inn


Hosted by: Janine Infante Bosco


Sponsored By: Property of Parrish Productions, LLC

*Book signing

*Satan's Knights MC Meet & Greet

*Cocktail reception for readers and authors

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