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Stuck In an Elevator

And this is the post that made me decide to do this blog. Yep. This is the post that got so many responses on facebook, my attempts to keep up and respond to each one had Facebook decide I was a bot. So, here we go.

From the benign to the steamy, I want to know, what's going on once those doors close. Are you standing in uncomfortable silence, engaging in awkward (but polite) chit chat, flirting shamelessly, getting it on, or discussing the meaning of the universe?

Who is in there with you?

What are you reading?

Would you recommend it?

What about me?

I'm in there with Dig from Cat Porter's Random & Rare. He's being all broody and I am crushing on him something awful. It's the leather bad boy thing. I'm also probably trying to decide about the color of his hair. I'm also fantasizing about jumping his bones, but he's far too enamoured with his lady for that to happen. A girl can dream, can't she?

Your turn.

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