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It’s time to organize my To Be Read list. I don’t know about you, but I just keep adding to it without a care in the world when I’m going to get to it. Well, that’s changing. I’m getting out of my reading slump. Working from home has cramped my reading habits because I used my commute to listen to books. Now that I’m not commuting, I struggle to find time to listen to books.

Anyway, time to put the excuses aside. Here are my reading goals. I will try to update you next month on how I did.


I’m going to finish the amazing A.J. Daniels Book Dark Desire. It’s a steamy mafia book that I cannot listen to around my kids. So far, this book has slapped me in the face with all the saucy scenes and I love the writing. This was a book recommendation I got from Booktok (TikTok – I’m telling you, if you aren’t already on there, you are missing out on outstanding books).


Moving Jack by Michelle Mars is next on my list. This is another Booktok author who have I come to know and want to support. The book is very outside my wheelhouse, but I think I need to shake it up. I am due for getting out of my routine.


I’ve read nothing by Christin Feehan. She is a powerhouse in paranormal romance and people swear by her. So, I think it’s time I check her out. I’m going to start with Judgement Road because it fits my love for motorcycle clubs. So, we shall see how that shakes out.

These are my goals for February. Hopefully, I can get through them. I will check back and let you know what progress I’ve made. Feel free to leave comments or message me your recommendations for me to read in March.

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