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Book Review - Dark Desire by A.J. Daniels

I know, this book has been all over my blog for a few weeks. I finished it.

Braxton DeLuca is the dark sexy anti-hero fantasies are made of and Klara has all the snark and sass of a woman who won't let him get away with it all the time (just enough of the time).

With any true alpha-hole, there were parts where I wanted to punch Braxton in the face and choke Klara for letting him get away with it, but believe you me, you'll love the story. The saucy parts are pure magic. I wish I could tell you about the one scene that had me reaching for my B.O.B., but I don't want to spoil it. Suffice it to say, there are some very "inspiring" scenes so keep the necessary equipment or partners nearby.

This is a mafia romance that doesn't bog you down with too much mafia politics. It has just enough elements to keep it interesting. So, for someone who hasn't read a lot of mafia stuff, this is the perfect book to dip your toe into the mafia romance genre. I'm telling you, do yourself a favor, read this book.

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