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Book Date

It’s February. You know what that means, it’s the time of year when stores are filled with hearts filled with candy and romance is in the air. So, to be festive, let talk dates.

Pick a character from the book you’re currently reading, or the last book you read, to take you out on a date. Who is it? What book is he/she/they from? Where did you go? What did you do?

For me, it would be Braxton DeLuca from Dark Desire by AJ Daniels. He’s dangerous Mafioso. So, I think it fitting he’d take me to a fine Italian restaurant in Philadelphia (in my fantasy he lives near me, okay shush) before we went to a nightclub he owned. I don’t dance all that well or much, but we would hang out in a private VIP area and have expensive drinks. When I got tipsy it would get super steamy. Then we would have to go up into his office. Yep. Just like in the book.

What about you? Would it be sexy or sweet? Funny or maybe just platonic? There are no wrong answers.

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